Your Man Is Going To Cheat. It’s Only A Matter Of Time

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Ladies, I’m talking about your man. The man you’ve brought home to mom. The guy that your friends adore; the guy that walks street-side ; yeah, I’m talking about THAT guy. So what’s this thing about his inevitable cheating?

Cheating: is an act of lying, deception, fraud, trickery, imposture, or imposition.

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The above definition is a common one for cheating. The above definition, though, is tied to strength of character. Someone chooses to be this way.

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If your man lacks character and a moral backbone then it’s not outside the realm of possibility he will cheat on you. That sucks for you, however, shame on you for choosing a lousy partner in the first place.

I’m not talking about moral integrity and character here. What I’m talking about is male nature; the nature of the beast suggests that monogamy is against what nature intended for the various species that roam this planet.

Few mammals take only one mate. Dominant male animals take many mates; human males took many mates back during the darker ages. King Solomon was one notorious example of this practice.

As society has developed it has set the agenda of what is and is not acceptable. That is, society may tell us it is wrong to keep more than one mate, a male’s innate nature isn’t simply “shut off.”

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A male stripped of moral obligation will take many mates. Period. When your man loses his moral compass he will “cheat” given the opportunity.

How does guy lose his “moral compass” in the first place? Well, alcohol for starters is a good way to lose this so-called compass. Another way to lose this is simply to be in the presence of a person who brings out our true nature.

In other words, imagine your man is staring eye to eye into the person they have most fantasized about, or imagine they are in the presence of a person with all the physical attributes that perfectly arouse them.

Whether it’s physical, material, or emotional it’s a commodity that’s lacking in the cheaters life and when presented with the opportunity to seize upon that “commodity” they will. I know I’m talking about just men, but this is true with women, too. I’ve seen it play out time and time again.


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I know what you’re thinking: “This is all just a cop-out! The guy just couldn’t keep it in his pants and he fails at being a man!!” If that’s your view, I say you’re naïve for ignoring the nature of what makes a man a man.

A man always looks; a man always smells; a man always feels; a man has insatiable urges; a man will inevitably defy “what is acceptable” and act on what is carnal nature to him.


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