Willy Paul Names And Shames People Who Made Him Quit Gospel Industry


  • Willy Paul started his journey in music as a gospel singer before he switched to secular music.
  • Pozee has now revealed that he was forced to quit the gospel industry by some people.
  • He said fellow gospel musicians and DJs are the ones who pushed him to switch to secular.

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Willy Paul has decided to come out to shame people who forced him to quit gospel industry for the lucrative secular showbiz.

Pozee started his journey in music as a gospel singer at a tender age before he switched to secular music later.

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The controversial singer took to social media on Wednesday June 9th to explain his move from gospel to secular.

He said that he was compelled to crossover by fellow gospel musicians and DJs who were out to bring him down.

Willy said he had the biggest hits while he was still a gospel musician but he was always broke and depressed.

He ultimately decided to switch to secular because he got tired of fighting those who were obsessed with bringing him down.

“Ever wondered why people hate for no reason? Well the so called haters are not really haters. They just wish they had what you have. Yaani they wish they were you or even a quarter of what you’re. Don’t let nobody tell you what is wrong or right for you, kila mtu atazikwa peke yake.

“Ask me about myself n I’ll tell you I’m the strongest of them all. What haven’t I seen in this life? Poverty, good life, Beautiful women,Kamati ya roho chafu ? Just to mention afew. People have hated on me for no reason, but that has never stopped me from being me. I’ve been betrayed by close friends and even family but look, I’m still here standing strong!
Ata kwa hii post kuna wale wenye roho mbaya ya mavi wanajipanga kuangusha stupid comments..

“No amount of hate can pin me to the ground. Kama mpaka leo sijawai enda chini juu ya chuki then I don’t think I ever will.

“Some of you ask me why I left the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.. and even call me names because I nolonger praise Jesus in my songs.. according to them I’m so evil and everything bad. Those are the same people that fought me nikiwa upande wa Yesu 😆

“Reasons as to why I left. Hate from my fellow artists and Djs, luck of airplay ( claiming my content wasn’t Godly back then ) ubaguzi na mapendeleo.. I was the top artist but these evil people couldn’t see that. Or they just chose to ignore the reality!

“This people broke my heart! They hurt me so bad, I was depressed 4months I kept crying in silence every single day and night. It got to a point where I couldn’t take it anymore.. I had no money to pay my bills and even help out pale nyumbani. Can you imagine I had the biggest songs na hawa watu wakanichorea hivo tu.

“I’m not perfect but what I went through as a gospel artist, no servant of God should go through!!. Since I loved music and had bigger hopes with my career I chose the other side which is where I am today, n that’s what has kept me alive and stable.

“I was tired of the hypocrisy in the so called Gospel industry. Plus I just wanted 2b real with myself and not lie to God! God cannot be fooled so I took a chill pill na sai niko hapa.
Same same people that didn’t want me there were the first to reach out !!!

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