Trump Makes History As Only President To Lose Popular Vote Twice As Biden’s Margin Of Victory Surpasses 6 Million Votes

US President-elect Joe has won nearly 80 million votes, which is more votes than any US presidential candidate in history by a considerable margin.

Biden currently maintains 6,104,744 vote lead over Trump having garnered 79,957,621 votes against the incumbent’s 73,852,399 votes.

It’s however important to note that popular vote doesn’t necessarily guarantee a candidate the presidency in US. George Bush and Trump are among US presidents who lost popular vote in their first terms but went on to win the presidency thanks to lead in electoral college vote.

Trump also makes makes history as the only US president who has lost the popular vote twice. He lost to Hillary Clinton in 2016 by nearly three million votes – 2,868,519 votes to be precise.


Biden managed to garner 306 electoral college votes to win the presidency over Trump who has 232 electoral votes. For someone to be US president they need to garner more than 270 electoral votes.

All the 50 states that make up United States have called in their election results, giving President-elect Joe Biden a decisive win over Trump who still refuses to concede defeat.

Trump continues to make false claims about widespread voter fraud with no evidence and attempting to undermine the democratic process. Judges have repeatedly dismissed flimsy lawsuits claiming fraud, pointing out there has been no proof.

The president and his allies have been attempting to cast doubt on the entire voting process and had refused to cooperate in a transition of power.

General Services Administrator Emily Murphy only acknowledged Biden as the President-elect and initiated transition after Michigan and Georgia certified their election results dealing Trump the heaviest blow in his bid to cling to power.

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