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Why Real Men Avoid Dating Women With Children

If you are a young single dude with no kids, don't date a single mother. This might hurt single mothers, but they will have...

Man Runs Off With His Wife’s Mom Days After Spouse Gives Birth To Their Second Child

Man runs off with his wife's mom aged 44 after having an affair that started when he moved in with his parents-in-laws.29-year-old Ryan Shelton...

University Girl Runs Mad After Dumping A Man Who Paid For Her Education

A university graduate has gone mad after ditching the mad she promised to marry after finishing her studies.The lady has been seen walking scantly...

Elegance!The Only way to be a Classy woman in Relationship

One character in women that makes them respected in relationships is elegance, another word for this in the 21st century is classiness. Before we...
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