Failing is part of the Journey.


  • Why you should not take it personally when you don't meet your targets.
  • The best way to achieve greatness is to learn from your past mistakes.
  • Learn not to give meaning to a challenge.

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Failing is part of the Journey, and one should not feel disappointed. A young man reports to work as usual, but something in him tells him that his manager is disappointed; he feels like he let his manager down for not meeting last month’s targets.

He feels like he should have done more. His focus is on his manager’s feelings rather than his happiness.

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He feels disappointed because he thinks his manager is displeased by the results. But at the same time, he knows he worked so hard to get to that point. “I am making progress,” he thought. 

He is so focused on his failures, and that is starting to affect his performance. He is afraid of setting new goals for the month.

The problem is not always the BIG goals but rather our fear of failure.  

You are the only person who can determine how people look at you. Nobody can look at you as a failure if you don’t see yourself as one. 

Change how you look at yourself.

Nobody wants to focus their energy on your past failures. Yes, it good to talk about them, but you can do that with your mind focused on the lessons and not the setbacks.

Don’t tell people how you failed if you can’t outline some of the lessons from it because, in the end, you will be expected to talk more about how you conquered the situation.

The secret is to get the lessons right, accept to face the challenges, and make sure to come out victorious.

You are often not noticed because of what you have acquired. You are recognized for the challenges you had to overcome to succeed.

Let’s talk more about crossing to the other side of life. You can’t see it, but you can feel that it’s the right thing to do.

You have lived on this side all life, and you can’t afford to take another risk. You know it involves sacrifice and hard work. You know you will fail at some stage, but deep inside, you also understand that failing is part of the Journey. 

You look at how you struggled to start up your business. You know you have to risk most of your savings starting up in the new location.

RISK is what separates success and failure. 

Failing is part of the Journey. Accept, learn and enjoy the process.

Just Make Sure You Fail Forwards.

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