European Nations To Reopen Border

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Some European nations have begun opening their borders after coronavirus lockdown but are yet to give a green light on free travel.

The Schengen area of 22 European Union countries plus Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein, and Iceland operates control-free crossings but for the last three months they have mostly been closed expect for goods traffic and critical workers.

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European Home Affairs Commissioner Yiva Johansson urged Schengen members to lift internal border controls by today to allow a gradual reopening of other countries in the coming month.

The opening of borders would help salvage the part of the summer season for Europe’s battered travel and tourism industry. Some of the sectors hit hardest with the coronavirus pandemic include the recreation and culture which makes up almost 10% of the EU economy as well as the Mediterranean countries.

By 15th, June 2020 many restrictions for EU and Schengen visitors will be eased but the region will not be returned to unfettered travel for the Schengen area’s 420 million inhabitants.

Spain will not permit foreign tourists until June 2 with exceptions on some of the country’s islands.


Elsewhere, permission to travel will depend on where you live and your destination.

Greece will require quarantine for those arriving from a string of airports in eight EU nations. The Czech Republic has installed a traffic light system, blocking entry for tourists from “red or orange” nations like Sweden and Portugal.

Denmark will allow tourists from Norway, Germany, and Iceland to get into the nation but not Sweden on condition they book at least six nights accommodation.

Britain has imposed mandatory two-week quarantine for visitors and the same measure was imposed in France for the Brits.

Before the global pandemic, an average of 3.5 million people crossed the EU border every day, and according to reports released last year 1.7 million people crossed the border while commuting to work.





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