Covid-19 Vaccines Side Effects: Why You Should’t Rush To Be Vaccinated


  • Several countries rolling out Covid-19 vaccination campaign.
  • There have been several reports of adverse effects of taking Covid-19 vaccines.
  • Several deaths of elderly citizens from Covid-19 vaccines reported in Norway.
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Covid-19 vaccines side effects have been reported all over the world. You are warned not to rush to be inoculated with Covid-19 vaccines.

Coronavirus vaccines are safe for the vast majority of people, but nevertheless health authorities in some countries have warned some people not to be inoculated.

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Health experts for instance in UK have stated that anyone with severe allergies to the ingredients of the vaccines should not take the vaccine.

Covid-19 vaccines have not yet been approved for use in children, either. The vaccine is also thought to have adverse effects on elderly persons.

In January, 29 elderly people died in Norway after taking the first dose of Pfizer Covid-19, vaccine. There have also been several cases of people dying or contracting Coronavirus days after getting vaccinated against the virus.


So why the adverse effects after taking a jab that is supposed to protect you from Covid-19? Health experts says when you are injected with a vaccine, the body’s immune system treats the vaccine as “foreign” and try to fight it. Messengers in the blood called cytokines respond to the vaccine and signal the immune system to spring into action.

As the cytokine levels rise in the body, they also have a mild inflammatory effect on blood vessels and tissues, causing responses such as a temperature, muscle aches and chills. It is hypothesised that younger people are more likely to report side effects from vaccines when compared with older people due to them having a more robust immune system.

Another study has also found that you are more likely to suffer side effects from the vaccine if you have already had Coronavirus. One third (33%) of people in this group reported “mild whole-body” side effects such as fatigue, headache and shivers after their first dose, compared with one fifth (19%) of patients who had not had Covid-19. Researchers suggest this may be the effect of a favorable immune response among the group who have already had Coronavirus, but they stress more research needs to be done on this.

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