Ghanaian Actress Reveals How She Contracted HIV After Testing Positive Live On TV


  • Joyce Mensah Dzidzor chose to do HIV test live on TV and it turned out to be positive to her shock.
  • The Ghanaian actress later revealed she contracted the virus from a man who attended the same church with her. 
  • She later came under scathing attack from men who accused her of deliberately infecting them with HIV.

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Ghanaian actress Joyce Mensah Dzidzor chose to do HIV test live on TV and she tested positive for the virus to her shock.

Joyce returned to her native Ghana from Germany early this month after spending more than a year abroad. The actress had been HIV/AIDS Ambassador in Ghana for a long time before she traveled to Europe.

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She chose to do HIV test live on TV after she arrived back in Ghana. Joyce opted to be tested before cameras because of speculations about the HIV status of her children coupled with attacks she had been facing from some members in the political circles about her HIV status claims.

When her result was read, it came out that she was indeed HIV/AIDS positive. Joyce appeared equally shocked by the results.

Two weeks after the shock HIV test, Joyce came out to narrate how she contracted the virus from a man who attended the same church with her.

Thee Ghanaian actress revealed that the man was 45-year-old man and that they got attached after she showed interest in learning how to use computer.

She further disclosed that the man helped her become computer literate and that he would later invite her to his apartment one day and they ended up having unprotected sex.

Joyce said she got to know about her status after the man had already moved from being HIV patient to an AIDS patient and died shortly after.

The actress came under scathing attack from men who accused her of deliberately infecting them with HIV, moments after she confessed that she knew about her HIV status all along, and that the test on TV was only a charade.

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Joyce however dared men who claim she infected them to sue her. The actress turned her anger on Ghanaians in Germany who vowed to have her prosecuted over allegations of deliberately infecting them with the deadly virus.

She stated that she was willing to subject herself to interrogation because there are enough legal provisions that address such allegations.

“I have no explanation to offer anyone. I think the more I talk about the issue, the more people get excited to speak ill about me. I want to tell Ghanaians in Germany that I cannot be moved by your threats. There are laws that guides actions of HIV infected persons. So if you are a man who have had a sexual affair with me and think I have given you HIV, then go to the police and report me,” wrote Joyce in part.

The actress further promised to personally report to police men who slept with her in cars and their offices.

“Some of you may rush to the court. I have seen the worse of it. Some had taken me to court for having shared a photo on social media about the man responsible for my kids. I dare you to take this action this time on your claim that I have infected you.

“There are some of you who slept with me in your offices and cars. And you think I have infected you with HIV take me to court, lest I will personally take you to court or report you to the police for it because you don’t have the balls,” she added.

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