Akorino Sect Model Susan Namu Reveals Why US Boyfriend Leaked Her Nude Videos


    • Susan Namu became an instant online sensation after her nude videos leaked online.
    • The video were first leaked on a Telegram group before being shared on other social media platforms.
    • Susan Namu says her videos were leaked by a US based boyfriend she never met in person.

Akorino Sect model-cum-gospel singer Susan Namu became instant sensation on the internet after her nude videos were leaked by her US-based boyfriend, whom she had never met.

Namu’s nude video first surfaced online sometimes in November 2020 when the clips were shared on a Telegram group ‘Nairobi Youth Leaks’.

The videos show Namu donning the Akorino sect clothing before she went on to strip down to her basics while touching herself all over erotically.

The Akorino sect model opened up about the embarrassing leak during a recent interview with YouTuber Metha ya Kagoni.

Namu revealed that her nude videos were being sold online after they were leaked on the internet by her US-based boyfriend, whom she had never met.

“They were sold for $2/Ksh200. I thought he was joking when he threatened to leak the videos. I was very shocked when I saw the videos sent to my WhatsApp by strangers,” Susan Namu said.


The Akorino singer said she was in a virtual relationship with the US based boyfriend and that she had completed gained his trust to the extend of sending him her nudes.

Namu disclosed that she would routinely have virtual sex with the boyfriend, they engaged in sexual pleasure by exchanging nudes and video calls.

The boyfriend however decided to leak Namu’s nude videos and photos online following a misunderstanding.

The Akorino model said she first shrugged off her boyfriend’s threats to leak her nudes on social media, but she was shocked when he actually acted on his threat.

“We had a small issue that I did not imagine could lead to this. When he threatened he would leak my nudes, I angrily told him he could do it. I also had his nudes but I did not threaten to leak them,” Namu noted.

Namu was traumatized after her nudes were leaked online, she started receiving numerous messages on her WhatsApp from unknown contacts along with the videos.

The Akorino singer further said the leak negatively impacted her since she could no longer get gigs, the nudes tainted her image and being a gospel artist relying on community events to earn a living no one wanted to hire her.

The Akorino singer said she is willing to get back together with her America-based if he asks her for a second chance.

“He reached out and asked for forgiveness saying he did not mean to leak them. I forgave him and told him we could not change the situation now. If he comes back wanting to get back together, I would take him back because he was a good man. However, I would not send him nudes again,” said Susan Namu.

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